About us

Anyone with kids will understand the frustration (not to mention the expense) of having to replace water bottles, lunch-boxes, PE outfits etc, at least once during the school term. Even more frustrating is going to the Lost Items cupboard and seeing the piles of owner-less items which have found their way into this room. The next challenge, once you go to ‘Lost items’ is identifying your child’s items because there are several similar looking items – same make, same colour! Now who wants to take home a water bottle that they can’t be sure belongs to them? The easier (but more expensive option) would simply be to replace that item.

As a parent of (then) three young children who seemed to have the knack of waiting until they were just about to get into the car in the morning for school, to start looking for one item or other, I’ve been there!

I started doing some research around a practical and affordable solution to address what had now become a ‘menace’. It was whilst on this quest that Incredible Labels was born!

Incredible Labels seeks to help your kids identify their personal items, whether at day or boarding school or on school camping and other trips.

We stock quality, user-friendly labels which can be used on both clothing and non-clothing items to help identify an individual’s personal items. All our labels have been tested and are waterproof, washing machine and microwave safe.

Let ‘lost items’ become a thing of the past! Order a pack of our quality labels to ensure that your kids bring their personal items back home.

Our label types


Our iron-on labels are both hand and washing machine safe and will not come off in the wash if applied correctly.
They can be used on uniforms, PE clothes, handkerchiefs, underwear, beddings and any other clothing items which can be ironed.
Ensure that you use a DRY IRON when applying them.

We have three different sizes of these labels:

Mini 25mm x 15mm
Standard 46mm x 12 mm
Large 80mm x 20mm


Our shoe labels are designed to fit on the inside of the shoe, on the heel part where there is the most pressure and can easily be noticed at a glance therefore making them perfect for school, excursions and any other places where shoes are often required to be removed.

They come in the shape of a foot with a laminate part which folds over the printed name to protect it from dirt, sweat and provides the adhesive necessary to stick to the shoe. It is a fun design for children of all ages.

The dimensions of this label, including the laminate patch is 48mm x 30mm.


As the name suggests, you simply peel the label off its backing and stick onto items such as water bottles, lunchboxes, bowls, cups, stationery and a variety of other things.

We currently stock the standard size labels which measure 46mm x 12mm. These labels are incredibly durable as they are not made of paper; they are made out of the same nylon material as our standard iron-on label, but with a self-adhesive back, that does not tear.

The adhesive is designed to resist heat & moisture and will not come off in normal washing. Peel & Stick labels are an ideal solution for identification and recovery, decreasing the possibility of lost or misplaced items.